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Business Lending

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    Business Lending

    Commercial Mortgages and Hard Money Loans

    Trying to find the right bank or any bank these days to write your commercial mortgage is trying at best. We have relationships with banks and private lenders including hedge funds that WANT to lend money on good deals. Our lenders want to know that there is a good piece of collateral and a reasonable expectation of a positive cash flow and a decent person minding the operation. If that is you we can help. You have a story, we want to hear it. We have done deals with tax liens, bankruptcies, divorce issues—both personal and business partners, and various other issues. We have sources that can understand and work out individual solutions. Most of the time our rates are near bank rates and we will do deals that they will not. Call and tell us your story and why your deal makes sense—we will listen.

    Account Receivable Loans

    Need immediate cash? Can’t wait until your client pays? We work with almost all industries to advance you the cash from your invoices now so you don’t have to wait to get paid. We work with several different companies to tailor the right program for your needs. Advance only some of your invoices or all of them; we will find the most cost effective solution for you. We now have a program that can drive the cost to below 2% and you don’t have to notify your clients!

    Asset Based Lending & Equipment Finance

    These products are based on the purchase of new equipment or arranging a loan based on the value of your current equipment that you already own.  They are generally two to five years with reasonable interest rates.  We can also combine these loans, where needed, with loans against your inventory and accounts receivable as well. In those cases it can be arranged like a lineof credit which fluctuates as the assets change.  This is particualrly useful for larger companies that need more flexible financing.

    SBA Loans

    We have several different entities that will make SBA loans. Some require hard collateral (either business or personal) and some do not. They can be used for startups or existing businesses. The rates are very competitive and generally the term is 7 years or greater. The SBA has specific limitations but there are plenty of deals that can qualify. All of our SBA lenders do their own approvals and do not require any input from the SBA to complete the transaction. All can be done in a very reasonable time frame.

    Working Capital Loans

    Unlike cash advance deals we have a very strong lender that will provide working capital loans financing in NYC of up to $500,000 for 3 to 5 year terms. Interest rates are competitive and the only security that is required is a standard UCC filing. No mortgages or equipment liens will be posted. The process is extremely easy and quick and most deals are funded in under 3 weeks.

    Unsecured Business Credit Lines

    Have good to excellent credit (over 700 score, the guarantor can be any investors, partners, or family members) and a business bank account (it can be a new business or a company you have had for years)? Then we can most often get you $25,000 to over $100,000 in as little as 2 weeks. The loans are underwritten with the guarantor’s personal credit, but all loans are only made to the business and do NOT show up on any personal credit reports. This is critical, as loans made personally impact your credit score and make it more difficult to borrow for personal uses. Our program strictly lends to businesses and thus will not be detrimental to your personal score. We can underwrite the program in just a day or so and let you know how much money we will be able to raise. The funds are generally available in less than two weeks. There are NO upfront fees (are fees can be paid out from the lines of credit we get for you) and you only need to run a complete credit report that includes all three bureaus to apply.

    Purchase Order Financing

    Need financing to pay your manufacturer or importer for a sold order? We can arrange financing to advance the funds necessary to get the manufacture or importer to finish the order and ship the product to you. This can be arranged in conjunction with an account receivable loan as well. We can work with both domestic and foreign manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers. Our funders will even advance cash to solid domestic manufacturer.  This deal can be achieved for new businesses or owners with weak personal financial statements or credit.  The deal is based on the strength of the buyer and the manufacturer.

    Cash Advance Products

    Theses products are based on your current cash flow.  the lenders review your bank statemens and credit card statements (if you take them). The loan is based on the receipts.  The term is generally six to eighteen months and interest rates are generally higher than our other lending products.  However, almost all deals are approved.  So if you have the need and the cash flow we can get you the cash.